DronOrder organizes drone delivery flights between customers and drone pilots. The functionality can be compared to a Uber for Drone Deliveries.

The customer picks a GPS start and GPS end location and set the time in order to make an appointment with the drone pilot. So the parcel can be delivered anywhere, anytime.

The biggest advantage of this technology is the distribution of the service to a huge crowd around the globe and availability of pilots from the start.

Story time

I was flighting a drone in our garden when my mother called and ask whether I will go grocery shopping today. She needed something today.

But was all of this worth it or could this one article just delivered by a drone? In this moment the idea for this website popup. I could just create a Uber for drones.

Since then, I created the website and flew my first scheduled flights.


Flytrex is also offering a flight service but not with this huge database and also only in Iceland and North Dakota. Furthermore, Flytrex is providing the drones by themselves.

A lot of other competitors focus on parcel delivery but they easily overlook that plenty of people want to ship small things quickly. Like pharmacies or grocery stores.

The idea to enable the drone pilot to provide this service is unique and hasn’t established on the market yet.

DronOrder was founded by Alexander Treib, which is a software engineer in the autonomous driving world.

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