Delivery Process

What is the difference between a listed and a registered pilot?

For listed pilots, it is only known that they own a license to fly a drone. You can reach out to them through a personal visit.

A registered pilot can be give a response far more quickly because his email address is deposited in our database. Furthermore, you can

What sizes has the box?

The object must fit into a 10 cm/ 4 inch cube.

And the weight shouldn’t be over 500g (~1 Oz).

First delivery scheduled?

Please make sure to reach out to the pilot since he may not show up in person. So, make sure you have his cell phone number.

Also make sure that you are on time and at the exact GPS location.


How to send the payment?

You can send it directly through PayPal.

How is the cash flow?

As soon as the customer send the payment through PayPal (link will be provided), we will transfer this payment to the drone pilot as soon as the flight is successfully conducted.

Please reach out to us if any problems occur during this process. We have always found a good solution for both parties.


This is the formula how we calculate the price. The payment the pilot receives differs from the price the customer pays.

Pilot: 2 $ + 1.5 $/km
Customer: 2 $ + 0.75 $/km

Currently, we are sponsoring the 0.75 $/km. So the pilot gets a higher payment and the customer can get the flight cheaper.